Hilal Care Products

We at JustClick are pleased to announce our partnership with Hilal Care.

We are pleased to announce that we are now Corporate Distributor with Hilal Care.

Hilal - since 1957 has been a household name in Pakistan synonymous with high quality food products. As one of the leading business groups Hilal is focused on continuous improvement, innovation & research & development. Millions of people across 20 countries enjoy Hilal products on a daily basis. With its focus on enhancing consumer lifestyle Hilal group established Hilal Care Pvt. Ltd in 2016 with a vision to provide high quality, innovative Personal, Home & Healthcare related products to the consumers.


  • Bold - Men Care
  • Bold goes beyond what you apply, it is the essence that emanates from deep inside you. The essence of a man carved out from the very core of his existence.

       - Bold Deo Moisturizing soap for men
       - Bold Deodorant Body Sprays
       - Bold Zero Body Sprays
       - Bold Eau De Toilette perfume
       - Bold Insta White fairness cream
       - Bold Face Wash with its unique ASDS
       - Bold Life Body Spray
       - Bold Premium Gas Free Body Perfume Spray
       - Bold Intense Freshness

  • Diva- Women Care
  • DIVA is Hilal Cares personal care brand for women.

       - Diva BB Cream
       - Diva Fair Glow Fairness Cream
       - Diva Face Wash
       - Diva perfume body spray

  • Scrub Shine
  • Scrub Shine, Hilal Cares range of cleaning products .

       - Scrub Shine Antibacterial
       - Scrub Shine Toilet Bowl Cleaner
       - Scrub Shine Super Absorbent Sponge
       - Scrub Shine Scourer Sponge
       - Scrub Shine Scouring pad
       - Scrub Shine Stainless Steel Spira

  • Siena
  • Siena Perfumed Hand Wash has been especially created using Europes finest fragrances.

       - Siena Air Freshener
       - Siena Hand Sanitizer
       - Siena Naturals Beauty Soap
       - Siena Foaming Hand wash
       - Siena Droplet

    For complete details, please email us :: support@justclick.com.pk